We Can Help You!

Our company has made it a point to help every client. We provide a variety of services, from due diligence, monitoring, cyber hygene blackmail and data breaches. We help you solve your cyber problems.

Cyber Investigations

We take a strategic approach to helping your business determine how the world views it, locating cyber threats, and digital forensics.

Corporate Investigations

Companies that suspect other companies or individuals of financial fraud hire us to help them get to the bottom of it.

Brand Investigations

We help businesses of all sizes manage and better their online brand. We help you figure out how you can fix your brand.

Cyber Security

Our specalised team helps you protect you from hackers.

Identification Services

We help businesses obtain valuable intelligence on groups or individuals that can help you make educated decisions.

Award Winning Monitoring

We help your business figure out where you are losing money, time or resources with award winning monitoring.

  • "Saved my company thousands of pounds!"


  • "Helped me manage my brand online much better"


  • "Protected my information and found the hackers trying to steal it"


  • "A pleasure to work with. Saved me lots of time and money!"


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